Over 1460 boys, girls and adults have received care and attention in Bala Vihar over 5 decades and more, since its inception in 1953.

Here, we highlight a few examples of individuals rehabilitated by Bala Vihar:

  • Mr. Ganapathy, who joined our Home about 35 years back as a Mentally Retarded boy, has been fully rehabilitated and has been working as Chef in our Home. He is married and has two children.
  • About 20 years ago, two Mentally Challenged Girls, Suganthi and Sumathi (aged about 4 years), were admitted in our Home, after their families abandoned them. These two girls children were rehabilitated, trained in Beautician Course, and today are independently working as Beauticians, earning a comfortable livelihood. They still live with us as they do not have any home to go to.
  • Mr. Raja, a mentally challenged boy, was rehabilitated and now works as a Photographer.
  • Miss. Sathiya, a rehabilitated girl, is working in an Export Garment unit.
  • Miss. Subhasini is working as a Helper in a Restaurant.
  • Many children, enrolled in our Day Care Early Intervention Centre have been trained and treated by our staff and therapists. Today, they are studying in mainstream schools.