Everything in this world costs resources and Bala Vihar’s programmes have no exception. These programmes entail fairly large amounts of operating expenses and capital outlay. We are, to a very large extent, dependent on public donations in cash and kind. Our needs are enlarging and Bala Vihar extends its arms to you to receive your help.


Ways to help

  • Being a volunteer
  • Donate in cash or in kind
  • Donate Ambulance
  • Donate Vehicles for pick up and drop of Day Care Centre children
  • Create Endowment funds for food, clothes, health services, etc.
  • Donate utilities and provisions for cooking
  • Construction of Kitchen and Nursing rooms


Want to Donate Online?

Please contact us to get more details about how to donate to BalaVihar through an online bank transfer.

Like to help in another way? Talk to us: