Our Work

A chance to live. It is something we take for granted, but a chance that the mentally challenged are often denied.

Since 1953, we at Bala Vihar, Chennai have worked to change that reality. We offer services like Physiotherapy, Yoga therapy, as well as vocational training to help rehabilitate the mentally challenged and integrate them, as far as possible, into mainstream society.

With 2 homes and 2 day care centres at Kilpauk in Chennai and Veppampattu in Thiruvallur, 45 staff, 25 volunteers, and the support of the community, we are proud to have cared for more than 1460 mentally challenged children, and men and women.

Our Services

  • Separate residential cottages for boys and girls
  • Nutritious food
  • Clothes
  • Health care services
  • Vocational training
  • Work training
  • Computer training

Background and needs of special children at Bala Vihar

The special children who receive Bala Vihar's services are mostly orphaned or deserted by their family members and referred to Bala Vihar by the Child Welfare Committee under the Ministry of Social Defence.

The health and safety of these children require close attention. Most of them have a very weak immune system and require frequent hospitalisation, which needs a considerable amount  of money in terms of diagnostic tests, treatment, travel,  24-hour care by an attendant, medicines, special food and  post-treatment care. 

With the support of numerous well wishers, Bala Vihar has been delivering these facilities unfailingly for more than 5 decades.